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Hydrovac is a 100% intrinsically safe system for uncovering and exposing the threat from buried services. It is a flexible option for removing material from awkward or sensitive areas. It leaves buried utilities and equipment intact and un-damaged. There is a lot to consider when you are planning a big construction or renovation project. You must be careful about where you’ll be digging. Digging a hole in the wrong spot could lead to thousands of dollars in damage or even an environmental catastrophe. Hydrovac services can offer a safe solution to digging in areas that have underground pipes or other structures that you don’t want to damage or disturb.
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Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac Excavation Process

Hydrovac excavation is a precise, non-mechanical, and non-destructive process that uses pressurized water and an industrial-strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. As the pressurized water breaks up the soil, it creates a slurry that is removed by a powerful vacuum into a debris tank.

Because it is so non-invasive, Hydrovac services can be used when any delicate or precision work is involved such as:

Access and repair underground utility lines.

Create a hole for a support beam or pole, dig through frozen ground.

Drain pooling water and prevent leaks and floods.

Pump and dispose of liquid waste.

Work on an isolated area of underground pipe.

Line Flushing.

Excavation for fiber optic lines.

Steaming, excavating/daylighting.

High-pressure washing.

Thawing/flushing lines and pits.

directional drilling services

Directional Drilling is the process of drilling a pilot hole along a planned route between two predetermined points. The pipe or cable is then installed by using the drill string to pull it through the excavated route back to the start point. Reaming is done, if necessary, to upsize the hole. In trenchless technology, directional drilling is a favored method of installing underground utilities with minimal disruption to surface structures.
Directional Drilling
Horizontal Drilling


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), also know as directional boring, is a minimal impact, trenchless construction technique that is used to install pipelines, conduits, cables, or any other utility along a predefined path.
Do you want to save your beautifully landscaped yard and need to do excavating? Directional Drilling is the least invasive technique used today. We can pull new lines under existing structures from trees to road crossings or paved parking lots, we can drill under them. We are able to pull back anything from a ½” line all the way up to an 8” pipe. For example, new water and sewer lines going out to the front of your house. etc.


They are used for various applications from installing septic tanks and drainpipes in residential yards to digging into asphalt to mend city gas lines. Backhoe loaders come in handy for a variety of applications.

Backhoe Work
Chain Trenching


A chain trencher cuts with a digging chain or belt that is driven around a rounded metal frame, or boom. This type of trencher can cut ground that is too hard to cut with a bucket-type excavator and can also cut narrow and deep trenches. The angle of the boom can be adjusted to control the depth of the cut. Trenches are mostly used for pipelines and cables.


Any drain will need servicing eventually, the type of blockage or access would dictate which method is used and if hydro-jetting is suitable. Steaming can clean out ice from drains and line flushing can clean out grease, sewage, or silt and mud that a traditional auger is unable to do. It is also mostly used on most preventative maintenance drain cleaning jobs (example: restaurant maintenance).

You can also do outdoor drain cleaning with hydro-jetting such as manholes and catch basins. No matter the size, shape, or type of pipe, Dirty Devil Hydrovac Services flushes and cleans waste-water systems quickly and efficiently. Our wide variety of sewer nozzles and control of water flow and pressure allows us to clean drains, sewers in an emergency or as part of an ongoing maintenance program. Our units have high-volume pumps to ensure large quantities of debris are cleared away safely.

Steaming and Line Flushing